Welcome to shooting stars

Make a wish.


Night sailing is full of mystery. You are on a yacht, surrounded by vast sea and starry sky. Everything is so close, like withing a hand’s reach, but yet so far. They say: when you see a shooting star, make a wish. How many dreams do you have?


Croatia have many beautiful National Parks to explore. The best for star gazing are: Mljet, Lastovo, Kornati & Telascica. Each offers a unique beauty and low light pollution. We will do our best to visit two of them and only rough weather can change our plans.


It’s a week of shooting stars. Although the peak is on the 12-13th, the Perseid shower is visible for two weeks! Thus most of the nights we will stay in secluded bays with low light pollution to admire the show!


The NP’s that are located on the Croatian islands are not only beautiful beyond measures, but they do share one more thing that we are looking for during this week. The low light pollution!


Experience sailing at night to marvel at the beauty of our world! Sailing at night differs in may ways from sailing during the daylight, mostly.. because it is hard to see anything around, but exactly because of that – you can also enjoy the show. During the night sailing, we can enjoy the company of each other, engage in a quiet conversations or just lie down to see the stars and hear as the water splashes around.

kufner yacht


Let’s enjoy our journey to the fullest! Sailing is often connected with drinking, let’s break the stereotype. Let’s engage with each other, have joy of connection and relax while staying sober for the whole week!


Each morning we will prepare a fruity breakfast. Let’s get creative about serving possibilities! Fruits for those breakfasts are included in the price!


Become part of a crew and take part in sailing activities together! Those activities not only includes taking the helm and navigating the yacht, but also trimming the sails, adjusting the course, helping with maneuvers in ports & marinas, running a navigation & anchor watch, preparing food together and more!


  • Seven nights on a yacht sailing the Adriatic Sea
  • Night sailing to enjoy stargazing to the fullest
  • Explore Croatian National Parks
  • Become part of a crew and learn how to sail
  • Unique opportunity to stand at the helm and command the yacht
  • Fruity breakfasts
  • Use of alcohol is banned during whole week
  • Meet amazing people from around the world


  • Traveling to and from Croatia
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Any personal expenses during your free time

This Is for You If…

  • You love to spend time in the nature (especially stargazing)
  • You want to have opportunity to take part in sailing activities
  • You dream about exploring Croatian National Parks
  • You want to relax and meet people from around the world
  • You are ready to trust the universe to prepare the best scenario for you
  • You prefer to enjoy the day without the use of alcohol
  • You are comfortable sharing a cabin with someone else (2-person cabins)
  • You want to take part in a journey that you will never forget

* We need at least 4 participants for the event to start

What are you waiting for?