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What we can do for you


HERE you can find upcoming events designed by ShinayneSails. Destination and date is set, itinerary is fixed (additional options may be available) and type of experience is chosen. Your part here is to enjoy and relax.


HERE you can find offers of charters & sailing holidays offered by companies that values quality and non-drama attitude

Private charter

Your personalised sailing adventure. Pick a destination and type of adventure. I will help you find a boat and activities.

Holiday planning & remote assistance

As an experienced holidays planner, sailor & traveler. I can help you with your plans. My recommendations & advice may include: plane tickets, activities at destination, food & restaurants, local guides and more...

Travel insurance

If you are going abroad, you may think about travel insurance. To see the details click HERE

Choose your type of vacation


It is an adventure, where we have been only a few times or never before. Local customs may be new and sometimes unexpected, but the thrill of discovering the amazing culture, delicious food and wonderful places that may be hidden nearby or right in front of us. Let's get to know the unknown together!


It is a holiday with fixed itinerary that represent what (in our opinion) is the most worthwhile to experience. Often you can choose here optional day/evening tours.


Partially fixed itinerary with additional possibilities of exploration.