Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions of Spontaneous Event

All terms & conditions of ShinayneSails.com apply, unless specified otherwise.

1. Spontaneous Event (later SE) is an event that last less than 24 hours, excludes accommodation & sleeping and is booked in less than 7 days before event start.
2. Organization & booking
SE is organized in a simple , straightforward manner that carry the least possible risk. Organization steps are as follows:
- Preparation that includes and is not restricted to: weather forecast check, reservation check (if localization is available, if the event is on any type of boat, then the boat is confirmed to be available).
- Gathering. At this stage a group is being prepared, individuals or representatives of the individuals (if someone is declaring participation as a group) informed about conditions and itinerary.
- Confirmation. At this stage declarations of participation (later Confirmation) is being gathered, Once the minimum amount of participants confirm, we move to booking.
- Booking. Payment or prepayment is being collected and forwarded to the location provider (eg. land owner, boat charterer, etc). At this point the booking is confirmed and cancellation refund is not available. Location provider terms and conditions apply.

- Cancellation before booking. Available all time, 100% refund.
- Cancellation after booking. No refunds. Anyone can participate instead of the individual that cannot. ShinayneSails will help to find more participants on request.
3. Event
- All SE have time of start (departure) and finish (arrival) and location (place or boat)
4. Safety on boat
- Captain (Skipper) is the highest authority on the vessel (yacht, power boat, sailing boat, etc)
- All commands from the Captain have to be executed immediately
- Captain is obligated to do Safety Briefing before departure.
- All participants if in doubt - should consult the Captain, the topics includes but are not restricted to: medical, safety, navigation, sailing, The Captain is obligated to keep all confidential information, unless it is regulated by the law otherwise.
- In case of glaring misbehaviour that endangers safety of participants or the vessel, the Captain may decide to expel the participant from the vessel in the nearest Port, Marina or Jetty. No refunds.
- Maritime Law applies.
5. Safety on land.
- All respective safety law applies.
6. General
If there is any conflict between these terms and specific terms appearing elsewhere on ShinayneSails.com, the latter shall prevail.