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Croatia (Dalmatia) 7 days

Top Dalmatian destinations and ultimate adventure.

Highlights: cocktails on a tower during sunset, riding a bike around lakes, visit local vineyard, explore seasonal Hvar or local Stari Grad, try a wild caught fish in Lastovo.

Daily Sailing: 4-6 hours

Seasickness rating: low

Croatia (any area) 7 days

Picturesque bays, tranquil waters and local experience.

Highlights: Traditional Peka, National Parks of choice, no seasickness – possible due to unique Croatian coastline.

Daily Sailing: 2-4 hrs

Seasickness rating: very low

Greece (Saronic Gulf or Cyclades) 7 days

Ultimate Greece experience starting from Athens!

Saronic Gulf is quite sheltered and provide gentle experience with more time for sightseeing and swimming to blend into Greek atmosphere. 

Cyclades are an offshore type of adventure, where you have to reach next island befre exploring it. Weather conditions may apply. You won’t be disappointed.

Daily Sailing: 2-4 hrs (Saronic), 4-7 hrs (Cyclades)

Seasickness rating: low (Saronic), moderate (Cyclades)

Canarias – Winter (2 weeks recommended)

Atlantic Ocean can be demanding, but Canary Islands will stun you with diversity.

Highlights: Teide, tapas, hikes, accelration zones, Maspalomas sand dunes, whistling language on La Gomera. Unlimited different attractions wrapped in Spanish culture.

Daily Sailing: 5-14 hrs (alternating: sailing day / exploring day)

Seasickness rating: moderate to high (depending on weather)

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