Boat & memories


Come, follow your dreams and set sails on the adventure.

A sailing holidays with a photographer that will catch your best moments.

Explore Croatian islands on a sailing yacht, which will be your home for a week. Slow - paced travel with the wind will allow you to relax and explore jewels of the Croatian coast, taste local food (peka, sea food and more!).


Meet Karolina - your photographer

My name is Karolina Gliszczyńska. I've reached for my first camera, more than 12 years ago. In my head there was a resounding though: I WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHING.
Today the photography is one of my passions, but a work too. It makes me feel fulfulled. Photography allowed me to close stories in a frames. Stories about wildness of nature, beauty of connection, mysteries different cultures.. About whisper of the setting sun, tales of a scent of a skin dipped in a raddiance of the sun. My frames can be found on book covers, discs, they won contests and received distinctions in the industry zines and photo forums. My editorials are getting printed and fashion campaigns decorate walls of boutiques in shopping malls. Since 6 years ago, I have been professionally capturing love stories on weddings.

Today, combining sharp eye, frame sensitivity, experience and love to Croatia I wish to create a beautiful souvenir for you. During a cruise along the Dalmatian coast, I will be vigilant to register what is key to memorable story: people, connections, scents, tastes, views and moments that are lively, idle or emotional. After agreeing with everyone beforehand, I will take you on an individual photo session, so you can come back to those memories, share them with family, friends or shine on insta ;P

What's in the package:

During the cruise:

  • Report from the trip - Report will concentrate to tell the most accurate story of the cruise. From the embarking with curiosity, till teary goodbyes. All of the group will be photographed, but it is up to you, how often you will be in the spotlight, if you will avoid the camera (or you suffer from sea sickness all trip xD). Your person can be relatively less shown than the king of the lens. From my point I can promise that I will do my best that everyone will have a beautiful memory.
  • Individual session time. Details will be discussed with the group. It can be 15-30 mins/pp during the trip (or 90 mins for 3 pax family) or in strategic "insta" spots, everyone will have his/her 5 minutes. If you'd like to have a longer individual session, I will happily invite you on one after th cruise.
  • Online gallery from the trip (link valid for a year)
  • Package of photos in full resolution (to print) link valid for a week after sending date))

  • Highlights

    • Visit 2 national parks in Croatia!
    • A possible night journey full of stars
    • Low light pollution, perfect nights for stargazing
    • Explore Islands of Croatia
    • Taste local specialities and visit best places in Croatia

    What's included?

    • 7 days & nights on a private premium yacht
    • Welcome Package
    • All onboard costs: fuel, marina & port fees, final cleaning, tourism tax.
    • HB (Half Board): your hostess will prepare your breakfast and lunch
    • Photographer: will capture your memories for you during the week
    • A private photo session in the place that you like!
    • Skipper: learn new sailing skills or test your knowledge how to command a yacht
    • 4G Unlimited Data


    Relaxing itinerary with time for sailing, swimming, sightseeing. The captain will guide you around breath taking private bays, towns with a local vibe and attractions that will stay in your heart.

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    About cruise

    • Itinerary
    • Each day is fully planned, only weather can change our plans.
    • Duration
    • 1 week
    • Max Onboard
    • 7
    • All included (Half Board)
    • Marina fees, fuel, meals (breakfast, lunch & drinks included.

    Shooting Stars & National Parks

    • 03-10.09.2022
    • Route
    • Itinerary
    • Own Cabin for two
    • 5555€
    • Spot in shared cabin for two
    • 3333€

    Jewels of Croatia - book/enquiry

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