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18 December 2020
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Mensa Sailing International #3

!. Trogir 1a. Swim stop 2. Vis (anchor) 3. Komiza 4. Korcula 5. Pomena 5a. Swim stop 6. Hvar

Day 1

Arrival day

Arrived in Split Airport. Oh, I missed that place, no, not the airport. The day had started early, rented a car, check the boat in the marina and then got lost in Trogir's Bazar. The flea market was quite busy with people looking for local goodies and fresh fruits & veggies. Each stand offered something new, local grapes, cheese, honey, lavender, olive oil or rakija. After few trips back and forth to the car we managed to get some provisions. The time was ticking for the next arrivals. After we met second wave on the airport, we went to the local Kaufland for all necessities for the week. Totally do not know how, but we ended up playing puzzles or tetris with everything that still can fit in a car with all the luggage. That was an amazing teamwork! Half an hour later: all shopping done and delivered, boat checked in and some of us departed to see Krka waterfalls. Sounds like a time for rest, right? Almost. Its time to prepare official welcome. We've had a lovely evening.

Day 2

Trogir - Vis

The day started slowly. Last minute shopping brief training about mooring lines and "onwards!" to adventure! The wind was perfect and the sea between islands flat - perfect weather for a nice sail. Around an hour later we stopped near Maslinica on Solta for a swim, but not only. We had tested the dinghy, built rock piles and rock-human piles as well. Next part of the trip was more about synchronisation and contemplating life. Mostly not appreciated, but still a good memory. We've arrived on Vis after sunset. We anchored for a night near a submarine pen, but before we anchored, we had to practice evasive maneuvers, because we've spotted a totally dark boat just in front of us.

Day 3


The 3rd day, second day of sailing we've started by going with the dinghy inside submarine pen. After, we departed towards Bisevo & Blue Cave. Unfortunatelly the waves were too high to enter it safely, so after short swim and ride on a dinghy we set our course to Komiza, a very picturesque town in the west part of Vis. On Vis, we had booked a wine tour, we went to local Vinarija: Vidović Family Winery. There we were welcomed by Sani, the owner. After a warm welcome, we've been invited to the garden for the wine tasting. Beside wines (which was amazing), we had an opportunity to taste homemade sirups, cheese and a fishcake! At the end of the tour, we've had a walk around the vineyard and bought some specialities to bring back with us to the boat. We've finished the day having a dinner in Konoba Robinzon. Next day we've planned early departure with a long passage to Korcula.

Day 4

Vis - Korcula

A few of us woke up at 4, but we've decided to stay an hour longer. Lastly we had departed around 6:00 when it was still dark and we had barely seen any colours on the night sky, signs of approaching sunrise. Most of us still fast asleep. Morning sea was like a lullaby and the time flowed slowly with the accompany of waves splashing gently on our boat. In the middle of the day the weather became gentle, but not calm. It was perfect time to swim behind the boat while holding the line and eating grapes while doing so. Everyone had so much fun! Next part of the cruise this day, we were just handing around the boat. Literally. One by one. After everyone took a turn, we've had another swim before entering the bay for a night. In Korcula we had a nice walk, sunset cocktails in Massimo, well almost. We've missed the sunset, but the cocktails were amazing anyway. We've finished the day having a dinnner in Bistro Gajeta.

Day 5

Korcula - Pomena

Good morning swim! or coffee. Both were amazing and energizing. Mimi's Bistro was a good place to start a day, just outside the boat. Around noon, we've departed towards Pomena. Running away from one rainy cloud we've met another. It did rain and it did a lot, but not a downpour. It was a curious experience to slowly loose sight of any land and just be surrounded by vast greyness, it was also a good practice to learn how to keep the heading towards the destination, without wandering too much off course. At the destination, we've docked to the restaurant. Is there anything better to have a nice food just 4 meters away from the boat? Gangplank included! On arrival, we got a coffee or wine. After the coffee we strolled out towards national park and lake, while some of us stayed whining wining. As usual, we've ended up a day with a dinner. Konoba Adio Mare welcomed us with peka, local traditional dish, fish and more. It was delicious!

Day 6

Pomena - Hvar

Today we've started a day with a refreshing morning swim in the lake in the national park. Just after, we've departed towards Hvar. Near Korcula we've had a few stronger gusts of wind, also because of the nearby mountain, the wind was unpredictable, but without any bigger surprises we continued our journey towards Hvar stopping only on the way in one of the bays of Scedro island. The water here was the most cold of all previous swims, but we've enjoyed it anyway. There were also some fish swimming nearby. That day we've also had a great meal cooked onboard. We've arrived in Hvar in the early evening. The usually busy town was quite empty already, but we've managed to have a nice climb towards the Fortress and we've finished the day with a pizza and one of the best tiramisu ever. All in the Restaurant Mizarola.

Day 7

Hvar - Trogir

Last day of sailing we've started late, at noon. Early morning we were strolling around Hvar, visiting fortress and taking photos. On the way back we've practised maneuvers with a boat: MOB & setting a boat adrift with sails. After daily docking trainings, we managed to refuel the boat fast and just before docking tin our final destination in Trogir, we had a last swim while watching the sunset. For the last dinner together, we've decided on the restaurant Calebotta. That was a perfect choice to complete a week full of adventures with a great taste. The next morning was scheduled for departure.


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  1. Nica says:

    Oh, what a trip this was. If ever in need of a capable, chilled and overall great skipper, Pawel is the guy you want to steer your boat 🙂