Benefits & information


Your each successful recommendation, rewards you with a bonus. This bonus can be used as a discount for any future purchase. See below for maximum bonus received.

  • 7% value from TOURS
  • 5% value from INSURANCES
  • variable % value from IT SERVICES
  • variable % value from CHARTERS
  • *bonus can be used immediately for current purchase or kept for later use
    **total discount can be capped in certain cases

  • 5% discount for returning clients
  • up to 100% discount collected via collaboration
  • total discount amount can be capped
  • Tags

    Tours & events are may be tagged with the following keywords:

  • exploration - event focused on exploring new areas without full and precise knowledge about them. Let's become explorers ourselves and share our story with others. You decide the pace here!
  • adventure - choosing this event, you are craving for activities, hikes, parties, guided exploring and more! You can choose how intensive the experience should be: from carnivals & local parties to hikes & picturesque sunsets while connecting with yourself.
  • itinerary - fixed schedule of locations to stop on the way. Each itinerary is fine tuned to give you maximum (in our opinion) feeling of the local experience.